Flash Portfolio

I did the animation and actionscript for these flash projects.

Featured - Yut Game

Yut Game promo image

Yut is a traditional board game played in Korea. The game reminds me of Trouble. I recreated this game in Flash with rules for new players, single player mode against an AI and local multiplayer.

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project screenshot
Billabong VAIO Laptop Banners

I redrew the waves and the drip pattern as vector to reduce file size.

project screenshot
Blackmores Cold Combat

This one was interesting in that the graphics weren't layered so I had to do some photoshopping to get the animation to work.

project screenshot
Blackmores Immune Support

Initially I animated it so the tissues were thrown into the screen, but it got cut in the final version.

project screenshot
CCA What to Wear

Community Connections Australia (CCA) helps people with disabilities with things most of us take for granted. 2 Flash prototypes were made which won the Malian Foundation Community Partnership Award in 2007. The first flash project is about what to wear to the pub.

project screenshot
CCA Paying Money

The second CCA project was about teaching how to pay for things at the shop. It generates a random amount each time.

project screenshot
Ikea Banners

The hardest part was the animation for the paper sticking on and ripping out. It used a combination of frame by frame animation and tweening.

project screenshot
Jack Daniels Venue Board Banner

This is a Mediamind expandable banner. It customises a board with the user's name.

project screenshot
Samsung ICON Banners

These banners have different animations for each phone when you hover over them and it also auto scrolls through them on idle.

project screenshot
Samsung Preston ICON Banners

Each ICON phone also had it's own set of banners.

project screenshot
Samsung ST550 Promo Banners

The background was cut out to keep the file size low.

project screenshot
Sony NEX-5 Banners

There were 2 versions of the banner feauring 2 different guys and they both came in the usual banner sizes.