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All the websites here I HTMLed myself or updated existing code for a redesign.

Featured - Jane Chua Massage Therapist

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Tags: WordPress | Static

Using plugins, this site allows for multiple editable areas and 3 editable panels that repeat on all pages. Design was done by Allison Chau, while I handled the rest including WordPress installation, hosting and theme editing.

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AE Smith

Tags: Komodo CMS | Responsive

This project was a modification of a template. There were some pages that were self coded though.

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Tags: Ektron CMS | Static

I also did the HTML for another section of the site: Getting Started in Practice.

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Construction Law Made Easy

Tags: Komodo CMS | Static

A Minter Ellion site, it has an index navigation for each of the topic chapters.

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Colour Designer

Tags: CMSless | Static

A site for Wattyl, Colour Designer helps you choose paint colours by sorting them into colour palettes.

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First Stop Transport

Tags: CMSless | Responsive

The project was already mostly built when I started on it. My main job was make it accessible which required a lot of code changes across the board. The site was checked for accessibilty by Vision Australia.

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Print Concierge

Tags: WordPress | Responsive

This was made using a template. Custom features I added includes a quick 'Send File' form that opens in an overlay and 'get a quote' buttons that auto select the Product Category in the form.

project screenshot
Victoria Law Reform Commission

Tags: Drupal | Responsive

The original site was done by someone else. I worked on making the site responsive. The site is also AA accessible.