My Skills

Here are my personal ratings of my technical skills arranged in order from strongest to weakest.

I'm a bit of a neat freak, always wanting to keep the latest files visible, while keeping all the older files in another folder as back up. After I'm done with my HTML, I'm strict about giving a detailed handover to the back end devs. When I brief people on jobs I prefer do it in person, or chat via skype while sharing screens to make sure they properly understand.

HTML 4.5/5

Summary: I like it semantic and simple.

I pretty much write HTML every day at work. At the moment I'm still using HTML4. That's just a personal preference and I'm happy to be convinced otherwise :). I like to keep the code simple, clean and semantic as it helps with readability and debugging.

I'm a bit anal with id and class names.

CSS 4.5/5

Summary: If there's a CSS issue, I usually can figure out what's wrong fast.

I fix things in minutes that the back end devs can't figure out after half an hour. I do consider CSS a bit like voodoo magic with the way browsers work. I try to keep my CSS in order and have all the styling in the CSS (unless it's an email). I mainly use CSS3 for decorative purposes only.

I've started using SASS and it's awesome.

Accessibility 4/5

Summary: I try to keep accessibility in mind even on websites where it's not a requirement.

I spent a couple days reading the WCAG on how to meet AA accessibility. A lot of it is linked with front end development best practices and personally I feel the internet should be accessible by anyone.

I do not know anything about AAA accessibility.

Email 4/5

Summary: I've made a lot of HTML emails but there are definitely more fun things to do.

A lot of the HTML emails I do are really... long. I'm not really a fan of those and I'm definitely not a fan of the way HTML emails are done but that's just how things are.

Check out some of the HTML emails I've made.

Flash 3.5/5

Summary: I'm really good with making banners and writing AS2/3 on the timeline.

I personally don't mind making Flash banners because the file size limit always makes it a challenge. My ideal Flash project would be animating and programming games. I have some but not much experience with Flex. Check out some of my Flash projects.

I don't really use Flash that much these days except for small things or doing animation.

Game Programming 3.5/5

Summary: I know programming logic but depending on the language I may or not may not know the syntax.

I can make games in Flash like Yut, I've made one using Cocos2d and also Unity. I'm liking Unity with it's ability to export to different platforms with 1 code source. Check out my games.

I don't really know much about 3D and don't intend to learn 3D unless I come up with a game idea that really needs it.

jQuery 3/5

Summary: I'm still learning but so far it's been a fun journey.

I'm referring to the jQuery API documentation a lot, but I got the basics down. I usually use jQuery for simple website interactivity but it's fun and satisfying to pull off more complex functionality.

I would struggle coding in pure javascript.

UX 3/5

Summary: I'm no UX expert but I'm thinking about the user as I'm coding.

I think about features I would like as a user if I have the ability to add it (usually with my own games). With websites I usually already have designs and wireframes done already so I'll only raise any issues if I think there's a serious problem with usability.

I don't have any formal or informal training in UX whatsoever.

Graphic Design 2.5/5

Summary: I can create designs from concepts and style guides but I can't design from scratch.

I believe my brain is just too logical to be able to create something from nothing. However if there is a home page already designed I can design other pages based on that design.

I am very familiar with Photoshop because I have to create assets from designs for use in code.

Angular JS 1/5

Summary: I've completed the short code on and wrote a bit of it on my blog but haven't made anything with it yet.