Featured - Task Runner 1 and 2

Task Tasker 2 game screenshots

Task Runner 1 and 2 are Android games I created to learn React Native. Components used include Pressables, Checkboxes, TextInputs, Modals, Pickers, Navigation, Pickers, ScrollViews, Sliders, Switches and Tabs.

It also uses custom fonts, stylesheets, Svgs and AsyncStorage for saving and retrieving the fastest time.

In Task Runner 2, I add drag and drop functionality, use the Gesture Responder System to do line drawing as well as detect swiping direction.

How fast can you complete all the tasks?

Download Task Runner 1

Download Task Runner 2


Mark Wong

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At work, I get satisfaction from solving problems and making things. I like card games, board games, video games and going out for a walk.

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